About Us

Welcome to Oasis Medical Group, where we deliver the world’s leading Spine and Orthopedic experts and newest proven techniques in Spine, Back and Neck procedures to help you rediscover a life free of pain. Specializing in minimally invasive spine surgery, our Fellowship-trained, Board Certified surgeons have performed thousands of surgical procedures and, as a result, have among the highest success rates for musculoskeletal surgeries. Most patients returning to normal activity levels, becoming pain-free or experiencing significantly reduced levels of pain within hours or days of surgery.

At Oasis, our entire staff believes the surgical process should be as painless as possible, recovery should be fast, and success rates should be high. Our medical team includes Board Certified Spine and Orthopedic surgeons, Podiatrists, and Anesthesiologists supported by a medical staff that makes your care its first priority.

Oasis Medical Group Founder and Head Surgeon Dr. Massoud is one of the world’s leading Endoscopic Spine Surgeons. Dr. Massoud has personally performed thousands of procedures throughout his career and has pioneered several new techniques for minimally invasive spine surgery. He is now recognized among his peers as the foremost authority in these techniques. He trains surgeons throughout the U.S. and is highly sought as a medical conference presenter and teacher. Articles on his techniques have appeared in numerous peer-reviewed medical journal articles.

Oasis Medical Group has several locations throughout New Jersey and New York, employing a team of highly qualified medical staff who have the intimate knowledge of the spine and the procedures necessary to achieve the high success rates with their patients. For all questions and or concerns about any pain you or a loved one may be experiencing, please call us today and speak with a medical representative dedicated to getting you back to the life you were meant to live!


[Since my bulging disc correction] I haven't had pain in my leg at all and had only a little pain in my back from my surgery, but zero pain in my legs, the sciatica is gone.

Edward, age 55, bulging disc injury

Today my back and hip feel tremendous. My legs are still a bit weak, possibly from nerve damage that occurred prior to surgery. I’m going to physical therapy 3 times per week. I was back at work on November 15th, 3 weeks after surgery.

Robert, age 58,
history of disc herniation and previous surgeries

Nobody likes to be injured and neck surgery is a delicate procedure, but Dr. Massoud explained what needed to be done, which made me feel more comfortable. [Post-surgery] I felt great, and today the pain is completely gone.

Francisco, Age 48, Cervical Injury